You Can’t Have One!

One day, when Little Johnny came home from school, his mom bought him a new basketball. He went over to the new neighbors house and a little girl came out. Little Johnny said, my mommy bought me a new basketball, and you can’t have one!”

The next day the little girl had a new basketball. Then, Little Johnny’s mommy bought him a new bike. Little Johnnypromptly took it over to the little girls house, and when the little girl came out he boasted “Ha Ha mommy bought me a new bike and you can’t have one”.

The next day the little girl had a new bike. Frustrated, Little Johnny took the little girl out back, pulled down his pants and said ” I got one of these and mommy said that you cant have one!” In defiance, the little girl pulled up her skirt and said “mommy said as long as I have one of these I can have all those I want!

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