Yo Mama’s Breath Is So Bad…

I’m sitting here at the computer, scouring the internet for the world’s best bad breath jokes. Honestly, you’d think it’d be easier. I only found a few, and decided to twist it into “Yo Mama” style.

  • Yo mama’s breath is so bad that when she breathes, her teeth duck out of the way.
  • Yo mama’s breath is so bad, she could clear a chat room.
  • Yo mama’s breath is so stank, when she talks her lips go numb.
  • Yo mama’s breath is sooo bad, she made Close Up back up.
  • Yo mama’s breath stinks so bad, people look forward to her farts!

F&J really needs your help here, please post you favorite yo mama’s breath is so bad… jokes.  Today we sucketh, this is honestly all we could come up with.

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