Why Women are Better Than Men 41-60

We’re better arguers

We don’t always have to think with our genitals


We’re better parents

We never have to sit home alone on a weekend night

There’s never a shortage of ready, willing and able men

We’re flexible

When women get pissed we don’t destroy property or hurt people – we just take it out on the world in general because we can

Menopause – thank god we’re not capable of having children after we’re 50

Menstruation – just another excuse to use so we can say “no” to sex

Men in uniform

There is no penis envy

We can just roll over and go to sleep after we masturbate because there’s no messy cleanup

It generally takes us less to get drunk

We have a higher tolerance to pain

We often get to cut in line

Most women actually look good in short shorts – men DON’T

Better tips

Women who don’t wear underwear are considered sexy and wild, when men do it, its rather disgusting

We mastered civilized eating – we don’t embarrass our friends

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