Why Women are Better Than Men 21-40

We don’t have to mow the lawn

We don’t have to take out the garbage

We don’t have to paint the house or walls

PMS – yet another excuse to bitch at men Cosmopolitan

We can con our way out of anything – not just dig ourselves deeper into a hole

Men unlock our side of the car first – a real bonus when its cold

PMS is a legal defense for murder

Men are like tiles, lay em right the first time ya can walk all over em forever

We can masturbate more in a day than men

2 words – multi orgasmic

We don’t have to constantly adjust our genitals

Sweat is sexy on us

We never run out of excuses

You guys may get to think about sex 200 times a day, but we could be having it that often

Doggie style – that way we get to watch the game too

We get expensive jewelry as gifts that we NEVER have to give back

We get candy, flowers and jewelry all the time cuz men fuck up so often

We can give “the look” that will make any man want to cower in the corner

Women are cleaner

Women have more than one erogenous zone (in case you guys didn’t know)

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