Why Laugh?

Believe it or not, scientific studies prove that laughter is actually a therapy. Research shows that during intense laughter the human body releases endorphins, which is the bodies natural pain killer. Humor is also known to reduce stress and increase the bodies natural tolerance to pain! Groucho Marx once said “A clown is like an asprin, only he works twice as fast.” No kidding, and no pun intented! (err yea actually I was trying to be funny again…).

Did you know that an average adult only laughs 15 times per day? What a shame, considering the average child laughs up to 400 times per day! Maybe thats why so many adults are overweight? Laughing is a great cardiac exercise, laughing for just a few seconds gets your heart pounding, blood flowing, your belly and cheek muscles workin. It’s no suprise that theirs clear health benefits for belching out loud at something you find amusing. So, not only is this website here to make you laugh, we’re here to keep you healthy as well!