Vote For Billary!

I think she’s hot. Except for that droopy eye.

Billary - Hillary and Bill Clinton Photoshopped Picture

And what would a picture like this be worth if it wasn’t accompanied by a Billary Joke? Ok, drumroll please…

Bill and Hillary stop at a gas station. Hillary jumps out of the car, talks animatedly to the attendant for several minutes and then hugs him. She gets back in the car and Bill asks “Who was that?” “That was John, an old boyfriend I almost married.” Bill replies sharply “Well, I bet you’re glad you married me – he’s just a gas station attendant and I was the President of the United States of America!” To which Hillary says “So what Bill, If I married him, he’d have been President!”

Bada Bing! Ok, maybe not. You have something better? Let’s hear it!

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