Top 10 Signs You Need To Clean Your Pool

It’s the middle of winter, you probably haven’t looked at your pool in months and you’re probably afraid to. You’ve got no pool cover, nor have you even thought about installing one. Ignorance is bliss, and so is denial for that matter. Here are the top 10 signs that you need to really clean your pool…

  1. You know that green tarp covering your swimming pool? It’s NOT a pool cover.
  2. The kids in the neighborhood ask if they can jump on your trampoline.
  3. The water’s pH is so high, in vitro fertilization is possible.
  4. Kids still pee in your pool, but they refuse to get in it first.
  5. Skipping rocks across the water causes sparks.
  6. A new algae species attract a Discovery Channel film crew to your backyard.
  7. The Grim Reaper shows up in his Speedo.
  8. Dr. Kervorkian was seen filling IV bottles at pool side.
  9. You haven’t seen that much scum since Mickey Rourke’s last movie.
  10. The amount of body hair found covering drain gives Prince Albert a run for his money.

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