This straight guy walks into a bar. After he’s inside he realizes it’s a gay bar.. he thinks to himself “Oh…what the hell, I really want a drink”

He goes to the bar and the gay waiter comes to him and asks for the name of his penis?? The straight guy says “I’m not like that just give me a drink.” The gay homosexual waiter says “I’m sorry sir…I cannot give you a drink until you tell me the name of your penis”.

The straight guy says “Well…what is the name of yours???” The gay waiter says “Nike…you know…JUST DO IT!” … So the straight guy thinks for a moment. The waiter says “Well…” and the straight guy finally says “My penis is named ‘Secret’.”

The gay waiter says “Secret???” in a confused tone. The straight guy says “Yeah, it’s strong enough for a man…but made for a woman!”

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