Punchlines With Absolutely No Context

Ok, this is totally random. I’m going to post 10 random punchlines, I wonder if anyone out there can come up with a joke that’ll actually make sense with one of them? Post your comments!

  • “No wait, you don’t understand,” said the fat man, “Pop Tarts are a substitute for my mother’s love!”
  • And slowly, the sheep turned to each other and glared silently.
  • “Mommy Mommy,” Little Johnny replied, “is that why the soufflé is burnt?”
  • “Tokyo?” Said the nun, “You fool, I said take the hoe!”
  • “Whew!” said the blonde, “I thought you meant the vacuum-insulated sealable container with the heat reflective inner surface!”
  • As they opened the door they realized they were terribly mistaken. The dog was only taking a nap!
  • Oh no! The leak is coming from the Global Positioning Satellite System again!
  • “Yeah,” said the Scottsman, “but at least I don’t have a scented hand soap named after ME!”
  • As she spoke he whirled the egg beater around and yelled “EGG BEATER!”
  • “Surprise! Surprise! That’s not my ear canal either!”

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