Pocket Rocket Jumps Gone Bad

So the other day I bought a pocket rocket for my 8 year old son, man those things are cool. Before long I found myself “test riding” it to make sure it’s safe for him… though I was actually enjoying myself.  I found myself wondering if anybody jumped these things… and thanks to Youtube we found a few pocket rocket jumps that didn’t go quite as planned. Funny!

Ok, so this kid “Troy” hits a ramp in his front yard. Looks like he’s going pretty fast… LEAN BACK! Lol.

YouTube Preview Image

My knees hurt just watching this…

YouTube Preview Image

And for the finali… (this is a good one)

YouTube Preview Image

Any of our readers ever ride these things? I seriously was suprised at how cool things there were. Too bad these things weren’t around when I was growing up… I feel like I was deprived of some sort of childhood privelage. It was just me and the pedals back then.

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