Lingo Dictionary

Pentagon Buzz-Phrases

Essentially complete… It’s half done.

We predict … We hope to God!

Risk is high, but within acceptable ranges of risk: 100:1 odds, or with 10 times over budget using 10 times the people we said we’d employ.

Potential show stopper.. . The team has updated their resumes.

Serious but not insurmountable problems… It’ll take a miracle.

Basic agreement has been reached… The @##$%%’s won’t even talk to us.

Results are being quantified… We’re massaging the numbers so they will agree with our conclusions.

Task force to review… Seven people who are incompetent at their regular jobs have been loaned to the project

Not well defined at this time… Nobody’s even thought about it.

Still analyzing the requirements… See previous answer.

Not well understood… Now that we’ve thought about it, we don’t want to think about it anymore.

Requires further analysis and management attention… Totally out of control!

Results are promising… Turned power on and no smoke detected — this time.

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