Kids Jokes

We really should do more of these, while some of our jokes are meant for a more “adult” crowd (still safe for work and not vulgar or anything) – we’d like to post some jokes catered more towards are younger readers. Specifically, short and simple jokes that kids can remember and tell their friends for a quick laugh.

Kid JokesWhat is the biggest ant in the world? An elephant!

Why did the kid study in an airplane? He wanted a higher education!

Why is Alabama the smartest state in the USA? Because it has 4 A’s and one B! (PS – kids… Alabama really isn’t a smart state!)

Why do birds fly south in the winter? Because it’s too far to walk!

What runs but never walks? Water!

What kind of car does Mickey Mouse’s wife drive? A Minnie van!

How did Noah see the animals on the Ark at night? With flood lights!

Feel free to add your own kids jokes in the comments. Try to make them suitable for your own 7 year old child, and something you wouldn’t be upset at them repeated (no gross Johnny jokes for example).

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