Japanese Have 1Upped The Snuggie

Leave it to those Asians to 1-up everything in existance, and the Snuggie is no exception. Not sure how this is gonna go over at the Paris Fashion Week, though there’s definately potential here. For those that don’t speak Japanese, we’ll translate a bit of it after the jump.

Top 3 Selling Points Of The Japanese Snuggie

There’s an interview with the inventor on the sales page, where he saysthere were three problems with other sleeping bags which led him to invent his own:

  1. You can’t get the things you need without leaving your sleeping bag.
  2. You can’t stand up and run away when attacked by a bear.
  3. You can’t turn around in your sleep, can’t bend the wall of the sleeping bag, and they were constrictive.

I have a question though, about number two. Bears can run over 30 mph, does the sleeping bag have bionic speed capabilites? If so, that’s cool. Or maybe, like the old addage says, “you don’t have to outrun the bear, just the guy in the regular sleeping bag.”

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