How Old?

An older woman gets a face lift and shes proud of the way she looks so she goes out in the town and askes a man “how old do you think I am”. The man replies “Ummm, I dont know 28?” the woman answers “Nope I’m 48 but nice try!”

She then purchases brunch at a local McDononalds. She askes the waiter “How old do you think I am” he says “31?” she says “nope 48 but nice try” Then she walks up to an old man and asks him “How old do you think I am?” he says “I can tell how old women are by sticking my hand down their pants” She reluctantly allows him do to so… and he does and he says “Ok your 48!”

She gasps “How did you know” he says “Well ,to tell you the truth I was standing behind you at McDonalds”.

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