From Riches to Rags

A wealthy Catholic man travels to the Vatican City to see the Bishop of Rome in person, and hopes to meet this leader of the worldwide Catholic Church. Wearing his finest suit, he prays to God that he might be able to meet the Holy Father.

Catholic Pope JokeDuring the morning’s Papal procession, he manages to work his way to the front of the barrier as the Pontiff walks by. Instead of blessing him, His Holiness completely ignores him, yet stops several feet past to stoop down and talk to a ragged-looking hobo. The wealthy man is insanely jealous, considering he traveled all this way just to be shunned. He later finds this homeless-looking person and offers him his own fine suit as well as $5,000 in exchange for the raggedy clothes. Eternally grateful, the hobo hastily hands the wealthy man his clothes and thanks the Virgin Mary for such a miracle.

The following day, the wealthy man, now wearing his “new” ragged clothes, works himself back to the front of the barrier as close to the same spot where the hobo was before. Sure enough, as the Pope came down the procession, he stopped by the man, bent down to speak, and whispered in his ear:

“I thought I told you to f*ck off yesterday!”

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