Farts Defined

Art Fart
It’s such a beauty you want to immortalize it on canvas.

Arrogant Fart
When you think your farts don’t stink.

Assault Fart
A sudden attack that shoots virtual flames out your arse.

Tire Fart
You can’t control the blow out.

Beer Fart
These come out of every ‘can’ and smell like warm beer.

Jail Fart
Been doing time inside you for quite awhile, and finally makes its great escape.

Donkey Fart
Your ass is the only one that can do it.

Ghost Fart
You can’t hear it, you can’t see it and you can’t smell it either.

Home Alone Fart
When you’re home alone and a great one is wasted on no one.

Shoe Fart
When you bend over to tie your shoe laces and one escapes.

Tank Fart
When you refer to your farts as ‘gas’.

Old Fart
You know how old it is by how bad it smells.

Brain Fart
You need to fart, but nothing comes out.

Alzheimer Fart
A confused fart that heads the wrong way, and becomes a burp.

Not-Me Fart
When you drop a bomb in a crowded elevator, turn around to the person behind you and give a disgusted look and whisper “PIG!”

U.F.O. Fart
When someone farts in crowded room, label it as a “Unidentified Foul Odor”.

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