Celebrity Obituaries

Ok, probably not that appropriate but postworthy nonetheless. Here are some famous celebrities and an idea of what their obituaries might just say. Is it bad that I think some of them are funny?

  • Tiger Woods at Six Under
  • Col. Sanders Kicks the Bucket
  • Clinton Doesn’t Inhale
  • Gore Gets Less Stiff
  • George W. Bush Deceasifies
  • Meat Loaf Goes Cold
  • Roger Ebert: 10 Toes Up
  • Yogi Berra Wakes Up Dead
  • Lee Iacocca Recalled by Maker
  • Ed McMahon’s Relatives May Have Already Inherited 10 Million Dollars!
  • Autopsy Confirms Death of Keith Richards
  • Mike Myers, “Wayne’s World” Star, Lives – Not!

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