Sports Videos

It doesn’t matter what you’re favorite sport is, if you’re a sports guy you love watching amazing sports videos. The great catch, the sweet dunk or great shot. Pretty much everything but bowling in here.

Funny Sports Bloopers

Nothing like a good laugh to start your day (bright and early here). Some highlights of this “Ultimate Collection of Sports Bloopers” include an Olympic referee getting punched in the face during a boxing match, a martial arts instructor getting round kicked to the face while judging a sparring match, and a chick getting thrown through a basketball hoop… is it real? - judge for yourself.

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Cement Soccer Ball

I kinda feel bad for laughing at this but I just can’t help it. Someone thought it’d be a good idea to fill  a soccer ball with cement and trick some little kids into kicking it. Go ahead and laugh, we won’t tell anyone.

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Paintball Headshot

I’ve only played paintball once, but the not running out in the open and standing still part kinda came naturally… call it common sense if you will. At any rate, this kid get’s taken out something fierce. Boom Headshot!

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Urban Ninja

This kid is unreal. Some of the stunts he pulls are amazing. Check out the urban ninja…

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