Funny Videos

Hahah, that was funny! That’s what you’ll probably say when you watch some of these videos. Well, we hope. Else we’re not doing our jobs, then we’ll get fired and end up getting evicted from our home. Wait a minute, we don’t get paid for this!

Funny FedEx Golf Commercial

If you’re a golf fan, you’ll get it. I can totally see this happening to me at some point. Afterall, golfing is much more fun when you’re supposed to be doing something else.

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Pocket Rocket Jumps Gone Bad

So the other day I bought a pocket rocket for my 8 year old son, man those things are cool. Before long I found myself “test riding” it to make sure it’s safe for him… though I was actually enjoying myself.  I found myself wondering if anybody jumped these things… and thanks to Youtube we found a few pocket rocket jumps that didn’t go quite as planned. Funny!

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Chuck Norris On His Jokes (Video)

So we’ve pretty much beated the Chuck Norris jokes to death (and so have our readers)… so what does the man himself think about the whole internet ordeal on his behalf? OK, so we didn’t have the pull to ask him ourselves, but the guys over at “The Best Damn Sports Show Period” did… and we have the clip.

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Adam Sandler’s Chanukah Songs (All Three)

Three? Yea that’s right, Adam Sandler has another Chanukah Song! Not only are we gonna give you that one, we’re gonna post all three. This the season to be… no wait that’s Christmas. Sorry.

The Original Chanukah Song

YouTube Preview Image

The Chanukah Song Part 2

YouTube Preview Image

The Chanukah Song Part 3

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Antiboredom – What Old People Do For Fun

Picture this, you’re riding down the road and some old people pull up next to you. To your suprise…

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