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All the really super duper crazy cool videos get posted in this category. Pretty much, if you watch a video and say “Damn, that was cool” we’ll want to post it here.

Beatboxing With A Harmonica

Yuri Lane beatboxes using a harmonica.This man revolutionized beatboxing and really brought it into the limelight. Now, many more people are beatboxing and many of those utilize a harmonica in their acts.

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It’s Friday!

Ok, it’s Friday and we’re all ready to go home. Speaking of Friday, this is totally random…

YouTube Preview Image

Just had to do that, hehe. Daaaaamn. Enjoy the weekend.

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The Human Slingshot

I think she pulls a few G’s on this one.

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Midnight Racer’s High

This is one really cool racing animation. Three cars book it through city streets avoiding the police and gunning for victory. Impressive work.

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FPS Doug 5 – Boom Headshot!

Yea, this is it. Perhaps my favorite video on the net. Boom Headshot (it’s an FPS thing)!

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