Car Videos

We’re big car fans, so obviosly cool car videos of racing, burnouts, or just people doing really stupid things amuse us – probably more than most. Anywho, we hope you enjoy the flicks.

Cement Soccer Ball

I kinda feel bad for laughing at this but I just can’t help it. Someone thought it’d be a good idea to fillĀ  a soccer ball with cement and trick some little kids into kicking it. Go ahead and laugh, we won’t tell anyone.

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Midnight Racer’s High

This is one really cool racing animation. Three cars book it through city streets avoiding the police and gunning for victory. Impressive work.

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Goped vs Trans-Am

So we’ve got a souped-up goped on the juice vs a Trans-Am… who wins?

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Anti-Ricer Compilation

Pretty much sums up the whole Nopi / import thing. Unfortunately not all ricers are foreign cars, as this video shows. Being a ricer is more of a mentality, as you’ll see here.

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