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Look at that! We’ll, it’s not something you can do without a photo right? So we’ve got loads of funny pictures and images and we stuck them in this category. We’ve also got a special section for illusions. I can see you laughing (or looking cross-eyed) already.

Top 10 Motivational Posters Of All Time

Oh, how we love our motivational posters. When some nOOb asks a dumb question on your Internet forum, BOOM! Slap him with a demotivational pic. That’s what the good times are all about <sarcasm/>. So when you wanna slap a nOOb, here are what I consider the top 10 motivational posters of all time to do it with.

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Small Business Bailout Plan

US Government's Big Business Bailout Plan

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Anyone Up For McDonald’s?

Yea, so you’re cruizin’ down your local strip and you come across you’re favorite fast food eatery… and you suddenly learn that you’ve been duped all along! Argg… McDonald’s anyone?

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I Do Not Have Any Money So I’m Sending You This Drawing

It seems Mr. David Thorne didn’t have enough money to pay his overdue water bill, so he concocts a clever plan to send them a drawing of a spider instead. This is supposedly an actual email conversation with the water company.

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Spread The Wealth

Congrats to Obama for winning the election, it’s a great American turning point and there is alot of hope standing behind him. I hope he lives up to it, even though I didn’t vote for him. I wonder how well it would have turned out for the Obama campaign though if both candidates had equal amounts of money to spend on advertising.

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