Political Jokes

One of our most popular categories, especially during an election year! Enjoy political jokes about all sorts of topics and people. Presidents, candidates and pretty much everything in government and politics is mocked or joked about here.

Joe Biden Jokes

Joe Biden JokesWhat can I say, the guy’s a friggen jokester’s dream. He’s a big <friggen> deal right? For those of you living under a rock, he introduced the President at the health bill signing a few days ago. Vice-President Biden whispered to Obama that the passage of health care reform was a “Big fu***ng deal.” Then again, Biden’s age, a bowel movement is a “big fu***ng deal.”

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The Economy Is So Bad…

In the spirit of Yo Mama jokes, F&J brings you a whole new spin on the idea. What is it you ask? Nothing short of the best (top 10) crappy economy jokes we could find. Many of these were sent in by our faithful readers, and we appreciate it. Really.  Enjoy.

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Small Business Bailout Plan

US Government's Big Business Bailout Plan

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The Economic Viruses

I think it’s fair to say our world economy has caught somewhat of a Virus. In true F&J style, here’s a brief description of the many forms of economic viruses affecting the markets… and while you’re at it why don’t you make up your own virus in the comments section.

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I Voted Democrat Because…

I voted Democrat because I love the fact that I can now marry whoever I want. I decided to marry my horse.

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