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These are jokes that pretty much don’t fit in any other categories. Some might even be a joke, in that case the joke is on you!

Top 20 Chemistry Jokes of Some Time

It’s not everyday we regurgitate a few old (and new!) chemistry jokes. How often do we tell them? Periodically. We told one the other day, but there was no reaction. Hahaha! Wait? How come nobody else is laughing? Ehem… well, anyways, here are a few more:

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Top 15 Confucius Sayings

Confucius is wise, in fact we’d be much wiser taking his advice. Below are the top 15 Confucius sayings, otherwise known as his famous analects. While there are literally hundreds or thousands of them, most probably made up – we’ve picked our favorites.

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Top 10 Reasons You Can’t Find A Job

Let’s face it, finding a good job these days is tough. The economy stinks, folks are getting laid off, and you ain’t got any money. But… you can’t find a job. No suprise, stupid! Here are the top 10 reasons you can’t find a job.

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How To Win A Fight Against Twenty Children

I’m not going to ask why you’re fighting twenty children. That’s your own business, although most reasons are as old as time itself (note: this was originally posted on cracked.com – it was just too good NOT to post it):

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You Might Be From The South If…

Ok, so we’ve pretty much beat the Redneck Jokes all to hell, so how about something alittle bit different – yet with a similar flavor (kinda like how everything tastes like chicken). So, just in case you weren’t sure, you might be from the South if…

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