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Sharing MP3′s, From The RIAA

And now for a special message, brought to you by the Recording Industry Association of America (The RIAA for those of you living under a rock)…

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They Started Hanging Out After The Pole Melted

Seems like gas prices may not be the only thing on the rise thanks to global warming.

Polar Bears Guarding An Ice Machine

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Sharks Looking Foward To Global Warming

I suppose the cost of real estate in the ocean will be going up soon, that’s good news for predators apparently.

Good news! At the current rate of global warming we should be able to just swim over there and eat him in under five years!

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Gun Control

I don’t understand why they picked my house to burglarize?

A sign you’ll never see, a gun free family.

Yes sir, I do have a permit to keep and bear arms.

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Dieting Comics and Cartoons

“Brain cells come and brain cells go, but fat cells live forever.” That’s one of my all time favorite fat quotes. We’re not here about the quotes though, let’s do some comics.

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