Annual Husband And Wife Golf Tournament

Mr. and Mrs. Smith were playing in their club’s annual “Husband and Wife” golf tournament. Mr. Smith wasn’t happy about it, apparently his wife isn’t very good but she insisted on playing. To appease her, he reluctantly agreed.

All through the front nine she piddle paddled her way up to the tee, took what seemed like hours to hit her shot (which usually went only a few feet), and took her time back to the cart (only to drive a few more feet just to do this over again).

On the 14th tee, his patience had reached it’s limit. While his wife wasted time on the ladies tee, he decided to go ahead and hit his drive from the mens. Unfortunately, he shanked it a bit and drove the ball right square into the back of his wife’s head – killing her instantly.

At the hospital the doctor came in to speak with the husband. “Mr. Smith, we found a golf ball lodged 3 inches into your wife’s brain, which was the the cause of death. But, we have found something else that really puzzles us.” “What is it?” asked Mr. Smith. “Well,” said the doctor, “we also found a golf ball lodged 6 inches into her anal cavity.” The husband dismissed the doctor with a wave of his hand “Oh, that was just my Mulligan!”

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