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We’re getting absolutely hammered with MJ related searches, which isn’t all bad – but some of the comments are. In just the past few days we’ve had over 2,000 comments posted to the Top Michael Jackson Jokes page. Unfortunately, more than 500 of those had to be removed for being really, really vulgar. We’re all about letting you speak your mind, and we know there are some strong opinions about the King of Pop – good or bad (and rightfully so). I’m only asking that you respect our rules in regards to not being disrespectful or using excessive profanity.

Michael JacksonLove him or hate him, he passed away on June 25, 2009 at the age of 50 amid loads of speculation and rumors. His untimely death created alot of buzz and alot of new jokes, even if they’re not always in the best taste. He touched so many people (small children too) is so many ways. You know, I didn’t really feel anything myself, but I guess that’s because he never touched me when I was younger. Hell, we’re a jokes site… so we’re not gonna let that little PSA ruin our mood, so about a few more jokes to kick things off in the right direction again:

Michael Jackson Death Jokes

  • Since Michael Jackson is 99% plastic, they are going to melt him down and turn him into lego blocks so that little kids can play with him for a change. (most popular of them all)
  • Update – Michael Jackson apparently didn’t die of a cardiac arrest, he was in the children’s ward having a stroke. (eww)
  • Paramedics at the scene report that Michael Jackson never got his colour back. (that’s kinda low)
  • At the autopsy they found children’s underwear strapped to Michael Jackson’s upper arm. According to his doctors it is just a patch, he’s been trying to quit for a while. (sounds like Leno)
  • Michael Jackson’s death is only a PR stunt. At the funeral he will jump out of the coffin and sing thriller. (we can only hope)

Oh, and PS – if you’re just here to complain about MJ related humor because of his death, you’d probably be better of finding a site dedicated to his memory and greatness… not a humor website.

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